Manageable websites


I want my web page to be editable

Managed web pages will help you manage your content easily and without programming knowledge. Every administrable web page has a web application that allows you to manage the content intuitively and easily.

Content adjustment

Rich text editor, which allows you to give the desired format to the text, inserting links, lists, tables, and online multimedia content

User interface

Access through a user and password, the owner can modify the website that he is viewing, directly, without separate addresses, or independent tools.


Desired format

48% - Desired format
23% - Inserting links
17% - Lists
22% - Boards


Create and modify the contents of your website without depending on anyone. Manageable websites allow you to modify and create new content, photos, etc. Through a content manager, easy to use for any user.

Freedom of organization
Budget savings
Freedom of organization